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Study and become an expert in ultrasound online anytime and anywhere. Take instructor-led courses and board/licensing prep exams in order to pass your ARDMS and CCI exams. Become a better ultrasound practitioner.

tutorsQ intuitive


Personal dashboard allows students access to all courses and tests all in one place along with personal graded exams.

tutorsQ engaging


Browse courses to keep you engaged while learning and interacting directly with your instructor.

tutorsQ responsive


View and browse content from any mobile device in order to learn or just refresh your memory.

Content Marketplace

  • Students can access, browse and purchase professional high quality courses and quizzes from industry ultrasound experts on demand.
  • TutorsQ marketplace allows students to expand upon their knowledge and skill set in order to obtain advancement in their workplace or personal goals.
  • Enabling tutors to create engaging content to sell on a marketplace, creates limitless possibilities for anyone to learn anything.

Challenging Quizzes

  • Students take challenging quizzes created by leading ultrasound experts which can be anything from single-choice, multiple-choice, or even written-based questions.
  • Tutors can develop quizzes utilizing the time-restricted and randomized feature to make a more effective quiz in order to help pass licensing requirements.
  • Quiz grading is automatically populated with the predefined tutor specified answers, giving the student immediate results.

Synchronous E-Learning

  • Tutors and students can communicate through the direct in-platform messaging feature.
  • Students can ask questions while tutors can answer questions relating to the purchased content from the marketplace.
  • Facilitating collaboration between tutors and students creates a trustworthy relationship and a better learning ecosystem.

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